Since we started with the Cranky Horse Swivel,we have learned that they are basically two kind of horse owners... One, the horse owner that truly tries to understand their horse, works with them, praises them when they do good, and most them.Two, the horse owner that could care less about how their horse feels, never praises them for a job well done, knees them in the gut when they get mad at them,and ties them to a tree for discipline.

It is sad that people are so mean in this world! I bet if the situation was reversed and they were kneed in the gut and tied to a tree for long periods of time,  their ways would change!

The Cranky Horse Swivel is the best, most humane, and beneficial tool on the market today that you can buy for your horse.Words can't explain how relaxed they are on it and the many uses that it has. We have sold our swivels in every state in America! Even as far as Canada,Scotland,Australia,and Croatia! All of this said, the primary reason for this summary is......We have NEVER had a return or a negative review!! Everyone of our customers LOVE their swivel! We get emails and facebook messages regularly from people praising their swivel and the difference that it has made with their horse....and them!

Please help us educate horse owners and spread the word of The Cranky Horse Swivel. We promise that there will be more happier horses.... and owners!



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